Zombie Driver

Zombie Driver 1.0.6

The undead are no match for automobiles


  • Original and fun
  • Detailed graphics
  • Vehicles can be upgraded


  • The demo is over too soon!

Very good

Do you like cars? Do you hate zombies? Zombie Driver is the game for you. In a pseudo 3D overhead game set in a zombie apocalypse, you have to drive around the city saving survivors, while shooting, ramming and running over hordes of marauding zombies.

This Zombie Driver demo gives you two levels of zombie hit-and-run action. Starting with an unarmed taxi, the direction of your first survivors will be shown on screen. The journey will be littered with groups of zombies, which will splatter the road and your car with their blood as you mow through them. Each survivor location has a horde of zombies, circled red, which must be killed before the area is safe. The survivors will then get in your taxi, and you can take them to safety.

In between missions you can spend the money the mayor of the city is paying your per zombie killed, and give your vehicle machine guns, nitro, armor and much more. In this Zombie Driver demo you'll drive the taxi, and have one mission in an expensive sports car.

Zombie Driver's controls are good, the sound is suitable, and the graphics are impressively detailed. Its not a serious game at all of course, and the arcade gameplay reflects this. The demo is very short, but enjoyable. It's difficult to tell whether the full game will have enough variety to keep it interesting, or whether it will all be based around point-to-point driving, some killing, and then back to base.

A gory, lighthearted game, Zombie Driver is great fun to play, and has a lot of potential.

Zombie Driver


Zombie Driver 1.0.6

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