Ultimate Moto Racing

Ultimate Moto Racing 1.0.0

An authentic drag racing experience

Get set for an authentic drag racing experience when you download and fire up Ultimate Moto Racing. This essential bike racer title from HALFUN STUDIO offers high-octane racing adventures, along with a pick of some of the best bikes and engines available.

This game has 2 initial modes for players to choose from, a single player option for when you're flying solo, and a multiplayer campaign for when you want to connect with other fans and fight it out on the track. Tackle the single player challenge to unlock new maps, achievements and upgrades to improve your chances of winning further, or instigate a multiplier championship with friends and family online.

It's not just about getting from A to B when you play Ultimate Moto Racing. Each track has its own unique terrain, pitfalls and shortcuts. Avoid landmines and incoming missiles, or else you'll find yourself out of the race early. Need a quick burst of speed to help put you ahead of the pack?

You'll find fantastic perks and power-ups, like jet propelled boosts to cut through other racers in no time at all. Make sure you avoid as many obstacles as possible to maintain the fastest speeds, and face serious speed penalties when you go off track.

Offering a richly detailed 3D environment and authentic representations of some of the most popular motorcycles in the world, Ultimate Moto Racing is a must for fans of the sport itself.

It's easy to get lost in the immersive and expansive tracks, with delicate controls that have been specially designed to resemble the real workings of your favourite bike engines. Offering high-octane racing at the tap of a few buttons, this is bound to become one of your favourites and offers fantastic multiplayer potential.

This app is free to download and you can start racing for free. The more races you win, the more points and coins you'll earn to spend on upgrades and unlocking new gaming features. If you're feeling restless, you can skip ahead and make in-app purchases with real money to get instant access to these play perks and more.

Ultimate Moto Racing


Ultimate Moto Racing 1.0.0

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