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Unfortunately, any trip to a restaurant has to end on a bad note - paying the bill. If there's a big group of you the process of splitting the cost can be a painstaking one, which can even lead to arguments.

Tipper is designed to make it easier for you to divide the bill at the end of a meal. The program allows you to quickly calculate the total amount that each person in the group need to pay based on a customizable tip percentage.

There really isn't too much to Tipper and it couldn't be simpler to use. You just need to enter the number of payers, the total check amount of the meal, and the tip percentage you wish to pay. Hit 'Calculate' and the program shows you the tip amount, total amount, and, most importantly, the amount per payer. It would've been nice if the program displayed the adjusted amount as you change the values of the variables (i.e. without having to hit 'Calculate' every time).

There are no extra tools or features in Tipper, other than an update checker, so this really us a bare-bones app.

But if you always find yourself struggling with the bill mathematics, Tipper provides a quick and reliable solution.



Tipper (BB) 1.12

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