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Supreme Commander 2 is a real time strategy game which focuses on huge scale. You control and manage massive armies, in a future where humanity has split into three factions at war with each other.

This demo features two missions, which is actually a reasonable amount, and will take some time to play through. The tutorial is extensive, and has a lot to teach you, but the controls are well designed and won't be too confusing to newcomers. To get the most out of the impressive graphics requires a powerful PC.

Supreme Commander 2 sees you controlling armies from the seat of a giant robot, which can build factories and capture buildings as well as being a powerful fighting machine. The gameplay is fairly standard for an RTS game. You have to manage resources, and build up and maintain an army to defend against and destroy your enemies.

What makes Supreme Commander 2 different, like its predecessor, is the sheer scale of it all. It's so great that when you zoom out enough, the graphics change into a more rudimentary style, almost like the board game, Risk. The scale is impressive, but it does mean there's a lot to look after when you're playing! There's always something that needs your attention, so it's quire hard work!

Fans of the real time strategy genre will love Supreme Commander 2, but it may be a bit big for newcomers! However, it's still a good looking and very playable game.

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