STime 5.1

Record your worked hours and calculate your pay

STime is an application to store a record of your daily work hours. By entering pay period ending dates, you can view the records by pay ending date to give you the total number of hours worked. You can also enter your hourly rate and it will calculate the gross pay for the pay period.

This program calculates the gross pay for each timecard entry. So if you work shift work or not this will work for you. You enter your rate of pay on each timecard. When viewing for a pay period your total hours and gross pay will be totaled for the period.

Features include:

  • Simple timecard input
  • Use preferences or not
  • Multiple pay periods
  • Multiple pay rates
  • Multiple pay types
  • Gross calculated for each timecard
  • Lunch/Break minutes supported
  • Handles working past midnight
  • Totals by pay period or all
  • View by pay period
  • Color themes
  • Reports available on the desktop
  • Export to Memo Pad

A great way of keeping tabs on the hours you work.

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STime 5.1

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