Very good

Solly makes for an entertaining collection of classic timewasters like Solitaire or the Peg Game. The interface is well designed and offers original card and item graphics.

You can set difficulty levels from the start by determining the amount of redeals or pieces in the memory game. What we really liked with Solly was the game explanations at the start of every game.

Not only does Solly tell you what the objective is, it also explains how to move, scoring rules and how to get bonus points. We also liked the fact that the program keeps simples statistics on your score for every game.

Games played in Solly can actually be quite challenging, which in a way is a good thing as it lengthens the life span of the games. We quite like the smooth interface however it did feel a bit confusing at times.

For example it wasn't really clear how to get back to the main menu once you decide to quit a game.

Solly is a nice little collection of four popular card and board games, excellent to waste some time on your Mac.

Solly offers a quartet of traditional single-player games that have been helping people pass time (and reduce productivity) for centuries.

Card Game

Arrange 52 cards into four piles of thirteen, using standard solitaire rules (alternating color, and numbers in sequence).

The player may set the number of "redeals" allowed from the deck.

Tile Game

Remove 152 tiles, using common Mahjong solitaire rules (match tile pairs that can slide leftward or rightward).

Peg Game

Remove all but one of 44 pegs by jumping one peg over another.

Memory Game

Remove all but four "stop" disks by revealing matching pairs.



Solly 2.0

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