Quran Reader

Quran Reader 5.00

Study the Quran in Arabic or English


  • Includes all 114 Suren
  • Doesn't require Arabic support on your device
  • Bookmarking capabilities


  • No annotation support
  • Limited translations in this version

Not bad

Studying the Quran is an essential part of Muslim life but what about those times when you can't get near a mosque or are on the road?

Step forward Quran Reader, a mobile application that lets you read the sacred texts while you're on the move using your PDA or phone.

You'll need the Java Runtime Environment installed on your device, but aside from ensuring this is present, the setup-up process is a pretty straightforward one.

Once installed, there are all manner of features at your disposal to help you improve your knowledge of the Quran. For instance, you can set and retrieve bookmarks, highlight verses with a subtle green colour, and there's three levels of zoom available in case you're eyesight isn't up to scratch.

Quran Reader includes all 114 Suren of the Holy Scriptures in Arabic, English, Urdu and Farsi. You don't even need Arabic, Urdu or Farsi support on your handheld to read it, as it works straight out-of-the-box.

Unfortunately this free version doesn't support other languages like French or German.

If you travel around a lot and wish you had more time to study the Scriptures then Quran Reader is ideal.

Whether on a train, bus or simply got a minute - take out your mobile and start reading and reciting the Beautiful Quran with Quran Reader. Study and feedback has shown that over 40% of the people who had never read the Quran started reading it because it was on their mobiles, available in their language of choice and a click away.

Quran Reader


Quran Reader 5.00

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