Simple and challenging puzzle game


  • Simple and intuitive
  • Ability to import your own photos
  • Different levels of difficulty


  • Difficult to play with mouse
  • Repetitive gameplay


PuzzleTouch has a simple premise - put together various puzzles in the least amount of time to get a higher score.

There are three levels of difficulty in PuzzleTouch. The first level is simple but the medium and hard levels introduce rotation of puzzle pieces so you don't know what's top from bottom. While this game is targeted toward Windows 8 tablets, it can still be played with a mouse, although it's not as enjoyable. PuzzleTouch also uses momentum physics so flicking a puzzle piece will send it flying across the screen.

Another nice feature of PuzzleTouch is its auto snapping of puzzle pieces. When two pieces that go together are close to one another, they automatically snap together. You also have more space than the puzzle requires to give you more room to move the pieces around.

If you're bored with the puzzles provided, PuzzleTouch gives you the option of importing your own images or taking a picture with your tablet or using a webcam. This is great as it creates more variation in the game.

The only gripe users might have with PuzzleTouch is that stray pieces are easily concealed by the bigger puzzle chunks so finding the right piece can take a lot of flicking and dragging. Overall though, this is a great, free puzzle game for Windows 8 that is targeted towards a touch experience.

PuzzleTouch is a fun, well designed game but game play can get repetitive.




User reviews about PuzzleTouch

  • by Anonymous

    Great de-stresser. Love it!.
    Fun to play, takes my mind off of work after a stressful day, and I never lose a pi...   More

  • by Anonymous

    i like it... better then other windows...
    Pros: home screen
    Cons: no free games like of apple.   More