Propagator will serve a purpose if you need to copy a number of items into a specific folder on multiple users or Macs.

You start out by adding all the items you wish to copy, which can only be files and not folders, and then select the folder to copy them into. Propagator gives you a number of common places, such as Library Preferences or Cache. Unfortunately, you won't be able to add more than the ones that are already included. Afterwards you'll need to select the location of that folder, either by selecting users or a destination.

Propagator lets you adjust some security parameters like ownership and you can set an admin password to lock files after copy. In general the transfer rate is fairly fast, though it may take more time if you have more items.

Propagator offers a simple way of copying multiple files to specific destinations, however some features still need a bit more polishing. Let's way and see what the full release will have in store.

Propagator is made for schools with large Mac file servers and tech people who would like to copy one file (or many files, or many folders) into the folders of dozens, or hundreds, or thousands of users. Great for preference files.

See that "Set Ownership" checkbox? That will set the correct owner/permissions for every file copied based on the folder names (user's short names) in the third field of that screenshot.



Propagator Public Beta 2

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