Project Powder

Project Powder 1.32

Free online snowboard simulator


  • Excellent graphics
  • Different gaming modes
  • Great music


  • Requires Internet connection
  • Lengthy installation

Very good

Maybe summer is not the most appropriate season to practice snowboard, but Project Powder makes it possible – as long as you have a computer with you.

Project Powder is a frenetic snowboard simulator that challenges you to play and compete against people from all over the world, either individually in single races or teaming up with other players in group races. The game also features an extensive social components, including a lobby, chat rooms, instant messages and more.

Unlike other sport simulators, Project Powder is very easy to control. It features a complete tutorial that teaches you the basics of racing, plus a few nice jumps and tricks. Mastering them in order to reach the finishing line in the first place is another story. Also, keep an eye on penguins, rocks, snowplows and other obstacles! As you can see, races in Project Powder are definitely full of surprises.

Project Powder features surprisingly good graphics (at least for a free game), and that counts not only for landscapes and character design, but also for the physics engine, capable of rendering a truly speed sensation while sliding down the mountains.

Being an online game, Project Powder requires an internet connection at all times. But the main drawback, in my opinion, is the game's lengthy installation process.

Project Powder is a challenging, action-packed online snowboard simulator with which you can have fun with people from all over the world.

Project Powder


Project Powder 1.32

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