Pinterest BETA

Pinterest BETA

Keep all your favorites in your pocket with Pinterest for Windows Phone


  • Easy to use
  • Simultaneous sharing on social networks


  • Fewer functions than the iOS and Android versions
  • Loading times a bit slow
  • No editing options


Pinterest is a social network dedicated to sharing images and videos. Users of the service can pin the famous Pinterest hearts on virtual pin boards and share them with the community.

Wear your heart on your sleeve

The Pinterest app allows you to access all the functions of the social network directly from your smartphone, so that you can take your pin boards with you to view, comment and share them wherever you are!

Don't have a Pinterest account? You can register directly from the app or log in using Facebook.

Pin, like and share!

When you launch Pinterest, you can access your home stream. Once you've selected an image or video, you can choose to pin it, love it, or comment on it. You can also share them on social networks, via email or Bluetooth, or just save it to your phone.

Of course, you can access your own pin boards to find favorites that you've saved previously.

Brand new version for Windows Phone 

The Pinterest app is the perfect solution for keeping your favorites at hand.

It's a shame, however, that this version for Windows Phone is not at the same level as the versions for Android and iOS. Some features are missing, like the internal search engine or the ability to post pictures, and load times for headings and pictures may be a little slow.

Pinterest BETA


Pinterest BETA

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