PingChat! 3.4.4

Send instant messages with this free chat app


  • Attractive, easy-to-use interface
  • Exchange photos, video, contacts and more
  • Supports group chat
  • No friend requesting needed


  • Lacks personalization options
  • Intrusive ad placement

Very good

PingChat! is an instant messaging app that allows you to chat for free on your iPhone.

You can use PingChat! to exchange messages with anyone who has the app installed on their iOS device, BlackBerry or Android phone. You simply set up your own PingChat! IDs then add others' IDs to your contacts book in the application. Just tap on a name and you can start text chatting with them. You can also add multiple contacts to initiate a group conversation.

Besides allowing you to send text messages, you can also use PingChat! to exchange photos, videos, voice notes, contacts and even map locations.

Text messages and attached files all show up in a very neat and attractive user interface, which functions equally well in portrait or landscape mode. PingChat! includes an option to delete individual posts to free up clutter on the screen.

There are a few flaws within PingChat! For instance, there's no way to invite a new participant to an existing chat - you have to start a new chat and invite all of the participants separately. Other annoyances include the lack of customization options for setting your profile picture, changing text bubble colors, etc.

The placement of the adverts in PingChat right under the text input bar is quite intrusive and seems to be designed to get you to accidentally click on them as often as possible.

Overall though, PingChat! offers a fast, simple and free way to exchange instant messages on your phone.

Fixed issue with adding friends


  • Fixed issue with adding friends


PingChat! 3.4.4

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