Health & Diet Manager

Health & Diet Manager 3.01

Proof that BlackBerrys are good for your health


  • Comprehensive food database
  • Tracks a wide range of health information
  • Generates multiple graphs and charts
  • Facilitates easy data entry


  • Requires lots of dedication to enter all the information


Having recently ballooned in weight, I'm considering going on a diet for the first time in my life. As well as being a scary thought, this also seems like it might be a lot of hard work, so I've enlisted the help of Health & Diet Manager.

This BlackBerry app allows you to take control of your nutrition and overall health, to help you lose weight and give you more energy. Health & Diet Manager helps you manage all kinds of aspects of your daily life, from tracking your health related stats (pulse, blood pressure, hours slept, etc.), to creating an action plan for your eating and exercise.

It takes a little while to set everything up and to get used to using Health & Diet Manager, simply because of the sheer scale of the application. You start by creating a personal profile, entering all kinds of information about yourself, such as age, height, weight, target weight, etc.

Once all this data is entered you can start tracking your health in Health & Diet Manager, in the form of a daily diary. You can record details of everything you eat throughout a day using the program's huge food database, which lists information about lots of different foodstuffs such as their calorific value or WeightWatchers points. Health & Diet Manager also lets you add other information such as the amount you slept, glucose level and insulin level, as well as giving a detailed breakdown of any exercise you do.

You can then use all this data to generate all sorts of graphs and calculators that really give you an insight into how your weight and general health is changing over time.

Health & Diet Manager is a very comprehensive wellbeing application, and if used properly it could make a genuine difference to your life. Unfortunately, getting the best results from the program does involve a lot of work, and you'll need to spend a lot of time every day, taking measurements and entering data.

If you've got the dedication though, Health & Diet Manager definitely gives you a helping hand in shifting the bulk.

Health & Diet Manager


Health & Diet Manager 3.01

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