Google Gmail Gadget

Google Gmail Gadget

Check Gmail right on your desktop


  • Filter messages by label
  • Mail searching
  • Compose messages from your desktop


  • Interface is a little small

Very good

Google Gmail Gadget can no longer be downloaded.

If you use Google Desktop, you're probably familiar with gadgets: small apps you can add to the Google Desktop sidebar to read news headlines, see a photo slideshow or check the weather forecast, among others.

Now Google has launched a new gadget that lets you check your Gmail account right on your desktop. The Google Gmail Gadget is seamlessly installed on the sidebar and lets you see all messages in your inbox, filter them by label, access different areas in your inbox (starred messages, trash, spam) and also perform searches.

Google Gmail Gadget includes a "Compose" button as well, which lets you write and send a message from within the gadget, without having to open up your web browser. If only the gadget interface were a bit bigger, it would be perfect!

With the Google Gmail Gadget you can always have your Gmail account at sight and manage your emails without having to open up Gmail's website all the time.

Google Gmail Gadget


Google Gmail Gadget

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