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Google Chrome Beta 55.0.2883.21

Test the latest beta version of Google Chrome


  • Gives you early access to new features
  • Offers the same functionality as the stable version
  • Security improvements
  • Speech recognition API


  • Not a stable version: it may contain bugs

Very good

Google Chrome (Beta) is the experimental version of Chrome that Google uses to test out new features before it adds them to the stable release.

The biggest addition to the latest Google Chrome (Beta) is the inclusion of speech recognition for applications. The browser includes a new Web Speech API, which provides developers tools to integrate speech recognition within their web apps. There is some controversy over the security of such an API as apps will have permission to record and send audio.

Google Chrome (Beta) also adds some security enhancements, most importantly for extensions. Extensions that don't explicitly ask for permissions will be blocked automatically. This is great and will force extension developers to be more transparent.

If you want to check out what's on the horizon for Chrome, download and try the Google Chrome (Beta).

Tabs with audio display small speaker Tabs display webcam icon Metro Mode (Win8)


  • Tabs with audio display small speaker Tabs display webcam icon Metro Mode (Win8)
Google Chrome


Google Chrome Beta 55.0.2883.21

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