FIFA Manager 09

FIFA Manager 09

Take your soccer team to success


  • Extremely detailed
  • Focuses on business side of soccer
  • Very entertaining for strategy fans


  • A bit overwhelming
  • You can't play games


Most soccer games are about playing an actual match against the computer or another human opponent. Other soccer games, however, focus on the business side of soccer, which, believe it or not, can be even more challenging.

FIFA Manager 09 is one of those business-style soccer games, and I'd dare say it's one of the most highly detailed I've seen. As in any other soccer management game, your aim is not really playing games, but rather successfully running a soccer team in every single aspect.

This means that you have many factors to take into account, from your team's physical condition to the achievement of objectives set by the board of directors. You must take care over your public image in the media and even your personal life – spouse and children included. You'll have to schedule training sessions, decide on player transfers, work on finding sponsors and find time to spend with your family.

Actual soccer matches in FIFA Manager 09 are limited to a 3D representation, which means you watch the game as if you were watching it on TV instead of controlling the players by yourself. This can be a bit frustrating if you're used to the traditional soccer games I mentioned before, though.

FIFA Manager 09 can feel overwhelming at the beginning due to the excess of information and the impressive amount of issues you need to be aware of. Luckily the game lets you take it gradually, and also helps with you with an extended documentation, on-screen notifications and other tips.

FIFA Manager 09 is a complete soccer management game in which you must take care of every single aspect in your soccer team if you want to be a successful coach.

FIFA Manager 09


FIFA Manager 09

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