DictionarySearch Firefox add-on 4.0.1

Maximize Firefox's search power


  • Easy to configure and use


  • No configuration options other than adding new search tools


DictionarySearch is a simple Firefox add-on that gives you new context menu search options that will allow you to search for words and phrases without copying and pasting.

DictionarySearch's default search is The Free Dictionary, but you can also configure search tools yourself. An explanation of this configuration is available on the DictionarySearch website, but it is very easy to figure out - just copy the example that appears under options.

The great thing about DictionarySearch is that literally any search engine can be added, and not just dictionaries as the name would suggest. From reference dictionaries and translation websites to search boxes on websites, you'll be able to look anything up by just right-clicking the highlighted word or phrase.

In basic terms, DictionarySearch provides the same function as the Google search box in Firefox, but without the intermediate step of copying and pasting. One step less sounds good to us!

DictionarySearch slims down searching on the web without loss of speed or ease.

Update for Firefox 4.0b7


  • Update for Firefox 4.0b7


DictionarySearch Firefox add-on 4.0.1

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