College Alarm Clock

College Alarm Clock 1.06

Wake up to your favorite songs


  • Supports different alarm times for each day
  • Can play media files in various formats from different sources


  • Poor design
  • The computer must be on

Not bad

Getting up early is hard enough so why make it even worse with the annoying beeping of a conventional alarm clock? Use College Alarm Clock instead.

With this simple tool you'll wake up to the sound of your favorite songs, videos or whatever other media files – including CDs - you set as the alarm sound. College Alarm Clock can be scheduled to go off at a different time and play a different tune every day, which is perfect if you want to sleep a bit more during the weekend.

The program features a tabbed interface – one tab for each day – that's very easy to use, but which could certainly be improved in design. However design is not College Alarm Clock's main problem: you'll need to leave your computer on all night if you want the program to wake you up.

With College Alarm Clock you can wake up with your favorite songs, as long as you don't mind leaving the PC on all night long.

College Alarm Clock


College Alarm Clock 1.06

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