League of Legends bots are now ‘more human’

League of Legends bots are now ‘more human’

League of Legends is a big deal. It’s an online multiplayer battle game, with 67 million players worldwide and huge professional competitions too. Now developer Riot Games has released a new patch, improving the behavior of ‘bots’, computer controlled opponents, so that they act more human.

League of Legends players use bots to learn and practice the game, but feedback suggested that bots were too predictable, and the community wanted them to play more like human opponents. Riot expected players to ask for tougher bots, but actually they said that bots played the game with different priorities than humans, and this is how bots could be improved.

The new artificial intelligence (AI) is explained in detail on the League of Legends development blog. Riot has altered bots’ ‘threat evaluation’, so they are more intelligent in battle. Riot has also given bots the ability to try to dodge skill shots, which they didn’t do at all in the past. They will now also use combos and items more like human opponents.

Riot admits this is not perfect, but it’s hoping ‘more human’ bots will be an improvement. As it says in the post, ‘League of Legends was built to be played by humans, not bots, and that comes with some interesting problems.’

Check out the game on PC or Mac and see if you think bots are indeed more human.

Source: Riot Games


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