How to play Minecraft mod MineZ

How to play Minecraft mod MineZ

Minez is a Minecraft mod that turns the survival/building game into a blocky version of DayZ, the excellent Arma 2 mod.

If you’re new to Minecraft, it might not be clear how to play Minez, so here are the simple instructions you need to get going.

1. Minez only works if you have bought Minecraft. Head over to to buy the game, if you don’t already own it.

2. Download the Minecraft client, open it and log in.

3. Open this MineZ server list page. The list is split into public and private, by region. Choose your region, and highlight the address as shown below, then copy to your clipboard with Ctrl + C.

4. Go to the Minecraft server, and click ‘Multiplayer’, and choose ‘Direct Connect’. Click inside the Server Address box, and paste in the address you copied in step three.

5. Click ‘Join Server‘.

6. Now you’ll find yourself in an enclosed corridor. It’s worth reading everything here, as there are lots of useful tips on playing the game on the walls. To enter the MineZ world and start surviving, press the ‘T’ button on your keyboard, then type /minez spawn .

7. You will now spawn on the coast in Minez. Hunger, thirst, zombies and even other players will be your worst enemy from here on, so be careful!

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