Exposed ice could lead to life on Mars

We’ve known that Mars has water for a while now, but it was all thought to be underground. Now it looks like there is water near the surface, too, making the red planet a little more hospitable.

In fact, scientists who spotted the near-surface ice sheets from pictures taken by NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter say it’s a “game-changer” for both exploration and colonization. In theory, you could go out with a bucket and spade and take what you needed – rather than blasting water-bearing rocks.

So far, eight sites have been discovered – and even better, they’re mostly in the warmer parts of the planet. Now all we have to do is get there and figure out what to eat.

It looks like Mars is turning into a (little bit) more hospitable planet. Not only there is water, but we could take what we need just by spading the surface.

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