Chrome Apps development tools previewed

Chrome Apps development tools previewed

Google promised to bring the ability to run Chrome Apps to mobile devices and now we’re one step closer to that reality. The company has released developer tools to create Chrome Apps for Android and iOS. If you’re not familiar, Chrome Apps function beyond just simple links to websites, and instead work as native apps that run on the Chrome framework. Google first introduced these Chrome Apps for the Windows and Mac versions of the Chrome browser.

Example of a Chrome App

Interestingly, Chrome Apps can be distributed via Apple’s App Store and Google’s own Google Play store. Developers will be able to wrap their Chrome Apps in a native app shell using the open source Apache Cordova toolchain, which will help Chrome Apps look and feel like native apps.

Chrome Apps could be a great way for Google to strengthen its Chrome operating system, which has been struggling to gain traction as many of its functions require an internet connection. In return, developers can look forward to coding an app once and distributing it on different operating system. This provides the same user experience and updates across all devices.

The developer preview of Chrome Apps for Mobile is available now at GitHub.

Source: Chromium Blog

Via: Android Police


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